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18 March 2013

Whiffs of Spring

Last week, it go warm enough to forgo an overcoat in favor of a heavy sports jacket with a sweater, scarf and gloves in the bag for later. So I wore this:
It's an outfit I like well enough, comprised of good components. And while it did suit the weather just fine, it didn't feel quite right. So much brown,
and the combination of olive cords and rust socks....too Autumn. While the the fabrics and weights are perfectly right for the weather in which I wore them, nothing about it took hold of the sunshine or looked forward to warmer days to come.
Even the Tyrolean hat is feeling, how do say, "over".

Two days later, the same weather gets another shot, only this time the impending onset of Spring begins to make itself felt, if only a little:
A heavy jacket and sweater combo still keep me warm, only this time it's a navy blazer, and the sweater is off white silk. Brighter colors in the shirt and tie are a bit more cheery.
Wide wale cords and loafers are still in effect, but there's a mile of difference between kelly green and olive green. Still cautiously warm, still carrying a scarf and gloves in case, but this time looking forward rather than back.
Even though it still gets cold enough for the heavy Brooks Brothers Gloverall duffle coat, I can't help but swap the tweed caps for a baseball cap on a casual, knock-around day.
And though it may be snowing outside as I write this, I did go so far as to enjoy the first new pink wine of the season.

Whiffs of Spring.

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