01 August 2009

The Business

Whenever I have to appear professional and polished, I invariably grab my navy suit and a red tie. What with menswear being known for it's general lack of change and variety, it's a fail safe combination. Who wouldn't hire me looking like this? I wore this outfit to an open interview (read: begging) session for a the position of beverage director (read: guy in charge of the booze) at a local luxury hotel.Outfits and situations like this are all about looking sharp without rocking the boat. Save that for later when they know you're indispensable. As anyone who reads this blog can guess, I revel in the attention of moderate dandyism, but there are times when everything must be kept in check. Normally I'd have gone for a white shirt, but all my clean ones had button down collars, so I stuck with a blue point collar. I probably shouldn't even have worn the white square, but I felt unfinished without it, couldn't help it.Generally speaking, I'm a brown shoes kind of guy. My favorite shoes to wear with this suit are my double soled brown longwings, but nothing says "business" like a navy suit and black cap toes. Good thing I recently picked up this pair of Hanovers (remember those?) for $7.99.Then, yesterday, these Florsheims came along, also $7.99. If only I'd had them three days ago, they would have really been perfect....Maybe not, lace-ups are way less affected, I suppose.

I've heard it said that any guy looks good in a suit. I think this is only true if you are comfortable in it, or at least can fake it well. That day it was about a million degrees outside, a million percent humidity. I nearly died in this outfit. Just beyond the opening of my jacket, my shirt was completely drenched. But I never took off my jacket, and I never loosened my tie, not even on the way home. Dudes are always complaining about the discomfort of dress clothes, but I say button up, tuck in, man up and discreetly sneak off to dab the sweat from your brow occasionally. That being said, it's nice to live in a time where tennis shirts and shorts are acceptable city wear. Suits are pretty cool, but then again so is not passing out from heat stroke.

p.s. this afternoon kid brother and I, along with the children, will be attending something called the "Rock and Roll Yard Sale"...sort of like a farmers market, but with records. If all goes well, I expect my next post to be a long winded installment of the sub-series "The Jams".


Unknown said...

As accessorized with a vintage radio. I'm still jealous about that -- I've been looking for a classic radio forever.

Charles said...

You look like you went straight from arch student to partner.

Young Fogey said...

Very nice outfit. I think the white pocket square kicks the outfit up a notch, but does so well within the bounds of professional appearance. Anybody who looks as nice as you is going to stand out in a positive way. I hope you get the job!

I admire you for keeping your jacket on and your tie tied. You clearly understand something that most of us moderns don't: dressing properly is for the benefit of others. We show them respect by dressing nicely, and appropriately for the situation. Someone who is so self-centered as to be unable to think beyond his own comfort is not a gentleman.

As you so ably demonstrate, while dressing properly is for others, we can do so while pleasing ourselves at the same time.

And on that note, I have to share my latest acquisition: a designer-brand mid-gray three-piece suit, 1980s vintage, I believe, in excellent condition, for $20! (half-price sale) What's more, the vest is long so that the pants can be worn lower (as is the modern norm), and the only alterations necessary are hemming the too-long pants. The material is thicker than is found on current new suits, so I'm sure it will drape beautifully.

Thanks for turning me on to thrifting!

Pigtown*Design said...

good luck with the job! we're pulling for ya!

Young Fogey said...

One more thought: I think the shoes could use more of a shine. I recently switched to American-made Lincoln brand shoe polish, and I now get the best shines I've ever had. Buy quality--buy American--buy Lincoln! (Besides, the cans are big, so one tin will last a long, long time.)

Also, I hope you're going to put nice cedar shoe trees in those nice shoes.

Unknown said...


why no tilt/slant to the pocket square? From my eyes it (the pocket square position and amount showing) looks a bit blocky or pronounced on an overall sharp/clean look.

thanks for coming back. love your blog as it is not only an inspiration, but the zeitgeist for tomorrow given our economic, cultural and environmental situation...

poloist12 said...

Wow, looks great and very well put together.

Anonymous said...


I like the suit, however, for business attire, the body of the jacket appears too short.

Giuseppe said...


I've heard that from shop clerks before. I'm about 5' 10". Technically I should wear a regular length, but I always buy a short. I don't have long legs, and I find that the short jackets make me look taller, while a regular overwhelms my top half and makes me look "stumpy". Just a personal opinion of mine.