27 June 2010

In Person

Rachael runs a great ladies vintage/consignment shop called Raspberry Beret. Maybe you know her, she was at the booth next to me at the Top Shelf Flea Market. She has graciously invited yours truly to host a menswear party in her shop, three weeks from today.
Come check it out. You be the young guy with the sharp haircut, and I'll be the frizzy old dude. And bring the ladies, Rachael's got plenty of treats for them, too.

An Affordable Wardrobe
at Raspberry Beret
Sunday, 18 July, 12-3pm(ish)
1704 Mass. Ave. Cambridge


Anonymous said...

That old dude's twin brother once made the cover of TIME:


Gregorius Mercator said...

I've got the haircut, I just wish I could find that kind of service (and not pay a small fortune for it).

If I weren't 7 hours away, I would be there. I hope you have a blast!

james at 10engines said...

nice. good excuse to get inside on a sunday...