16 August 2010

A Call To Arms

The Second Semi-Annual Top Shelf Flea Market is fast upon us! The last one was a great success by all accounts. Many of the same vendors will be returning for round two, but we do have some spots available for newcomers. Additionally, we'll be having outdoor booths as well, weather permitting.

Our tentative date is Saturday 23 October. Anyone interested in the possibility of setting up shop can feel free to email me at anaffordablewardrobe@yahoo.com for details and pricing. Those of you interested in attending can look here for updates, or at the soon-to-be-revived sister blog for the Top Shelf Flea. I've put the link back up in the sidebar for future reference.

The more the merrier, say I, so answer this call to arms! Time is short, so act fast.

p.s. I'll be headed back up North for a spell tomorrow. New posting will resume by the end of the week. Cheers.

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