11 May 2013

Mad for Plaid...always

Above we see two recently acquired plaid jackets,both now part of my own Affordable Wardrobe. One is for Summer, and one is for Winter. Both are knockout punches, in their way.
One for now, in paper thin real India madras. The colorway is classic, and just loud enough. Wearing this jacket is like wearing nothing at all.
Store brand from some store I never heard of...my favorite kind of score....in Bermuda no less. I'll take a tag from a long gone men's shop over a well known expensive brand name almost every time. This is about as "preppy" or "trad" as it gets, I guess.
One for later, in luxurious soft tweed, brown check with rust and blue accents. This one will need to spend some time waiting in the closet, but it will give something to look forward to in September.
Made in Italy of Loro Piana fabric, entirely New Zealand Merino wool, soft Neapolitan shoulders, high gorge lapels, and side vents, about as hot sh*t European as it gets.

Two very different jackets, but they appeal to me equally, if for different reason. Extremely different though they may be, I see no good reason why they can't live in the same wardrobe. Or maybe I'm just talking like an Italian kid who grew up in Boston.


Camford said...

Smith's merged with Trimingham's in 2004 and both went out of business in 2005.

From Fodor:

H. A. & E. Smith's
35 Front St., Hamilton, Bermuda
Phone: 441-295-2288
This is arguably the best men's store in Bermuda - and exclusive agents for Burberry, William Lockie cashmeres, and Church shoes. There is a large selection of Shetland woolen and cotton sweaters.

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Wonderful finds there. I'm terribly covetous of both.

Best Regards,

Heinz-Ulrich von B.

Joel said...

I like the jackets but I LOVE the Simpsons reference.

"Stupid, sexy Flanders..."