15 February 2014


It's easy to accumulate too many things as a collector. Add to that being a thrift shopper and the possibility for crossing the line from collecting into hoarding comes dangerously close. Nowhere does this problem manifest itself more clearly than with neckties. Fortunately I still maintain a grip on the situation, if a very tenuous one, and I regularly cull my own tie collection, only to make room for more acquisitions.

This week, I was putting a number of my own ties up for sale in the web shop, when I came to this one and it gave me pause. It's a hunter green tie with woven orange motif of Manneken Pis, the (in)famous fountain in Brussels, Belgium (which amazingly has its own website). Nabbed for less than a dollar if I remember right in a dusty shop crammed with all manner of everything, it's made of a blend of mostly polyester and a whiff of silk. Mrs. G hates it, and I have never worn it. Still, at the last moment I couldn't bear to part with it.
It's amazing to me that not only did someone have this tie manufactured, but at some point somebody commissioned this fabric. Imagine the conversation at the mill. Incredible. I have to keep it, how can I let it go, really? C'mon.  It's likely that I'll rarely wear it, if at all. But things like this are necessary, if for no other reason than to offer an occasional reminder not to take my clothes, or myself, to seriously.

Sorry, Mrs. G.


Minimalist said...


Pro Deo Et Patria said...

I tried a wonderful little Belgian beer pub in Kiev in November called the "Pees Boys Club". Their sign featured the same statue. Your tie would have been in vogue there.

I too, have one tie that I should get rid of but don't. It is a navy 3" with small British crests that unfortunately is made of polyester. When I find a suitable replacement in silk, I'll be able to let it go, but not before.

Pro Deo Et Patria said...
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Northmoon said...

No one would believe you if you said there was fabric made with this design, so you have to keep it for proof. Just promise never to wear it in public or my opinion of you would be so tarnished!

And now I know the source of this not so delightful image.

Oxford Cloth Button Down said...


What are the odds that we would both have this tie and write about them so close together?!?! Very cool, wear it in good health.

I linked my post ti my signature in case you want to see how and why I wore mine.