24 October 2014

Darts or No Darts (addendum)

3/2 undarted front, three button cuffs
2 button darted front, three button cuffs
Two button undarted front, two button cuffs

In photographing some new items for my online shop, I came across these three navy blazers. All three are Brooks Brothers, and all three have natural shoulders. The button stance on each is different, and one has darts while the other two do not. No one of them is any more "classic" or "correct" than the others, and each would be perfectly at home with the usual suspects: button down oxfords, khakis, penny loafers, striped ties, charcoal flannels. The "right" one would be the one that looked best and most flattering on the wearer. Let these serve as a perfectly timed real life illustration of the points made in my last post.

p.s. lots of new items arriving in the Shop over the next few days. Keep an eye.


OldSchool said...

I was delighted to see that the third blazer is not only undarted, but unlike the blazer at the top, has no waist suppression. An authentic sack, in my book.

Lindgren said...

That's a wonderful, helpful post. I'm looking for those jackets in the on-line shop.