16 December 2008

Save The Environment

We can all do our part. It is, after all, the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. But it's not just the physical environment that needs our swift and immediate attention, folks. The current state of the social environment in America ( and the world at large) is also in great peril.

"I'm only one person. What can I do to help."

Here's a short list:

1) Practice the "Thank You Wave"
If you're driving, or waiting to cross the street, and another driver politely stops to let you pass, give a little 'Thank You" wave as you pass. Or at least acknowledge this small kindness on the part of a stranger in some way.

2) Let Others Go First
When boarding the subway or bus, let others go first, particularly the elderly and those with small children. Also, do not engage in actively stealing seats from these people.

3) Don't Smoke Around Children
If you can't find the will power to quit altogether, at least have the decency to refrain from smoking in the presence of children.

4) Don't Wear Bedclothes in Public
Pajamas belong in the house, except when putting out the garbage or retrieving the newspaper. Wearing them in public marks you as a person who has reached a disgusting level of laziness.

5) Take Your Hat Off When Eating
In a quick lunch situation, keeping your coat on may be perfectly acceptable, but removal of the hat is a must. As I always tell my son when we go out for lunch 'Nice guys don't wear hats at the table'.

6) Get Your Damn Phone Off of Your Face For One F**kin Minute Already
Stop screaming into your stupid toy phone. Step back and realize that there are living , breathing people all around you. Pay some attention to them, show them some common courtesy, and don't be afraid to be alone with your own thoughts occasionally.

7) Pay Cash For Small Purchases
This is a treat for both the cashier, and the people in line behind you at the local convenience store.

8) Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, and occasionally, I'm Sorry
Magic words. Use them with great frequency.

9) S.O.S. : Save Our Swears
If you use swear words all the time, they stop being swear words. We need these words for extreme situations, when a room-silencing 'F-bomb' is called for. Leave them alone unless the situation really calls for it.

10) Have Fun
Following these simple rules does not make you a stiff. In fact it makes you and everyone near you feel and act better. Find enjoyment in not conducting yourself like a t.v. savage.

While you're at it, ride a bike, recycle, mend things, prepare food from scratch, tuck your shirt in and call your mother. You'll be glad you did. I promise.


Old School said...

This used to be normal, everyday behavior in the States. How sad that things have come to this point.

Anonymous said...

Right on brother! How sad you have to spell out the basics of civilized behavior. Obviously these lessons are not being taught in a lot of homes.

I just posted something similar yesterday. I am shouting out to your posting from my blog.

Toad said...

I would add open doors for others, and about 100 others. Keep up the great work.

Giuseppe said...


This is only a short list of all the egregious affronts to good taste that I witnessed on a short errand running trip ten minutes walk from the house.

ms. mindless said...

you are right on the mark. also, hope your presentation went well today!

Anonymous said...

One caveat: it is acceptable to leave your hat on when dining at the counter.* Otherwise, take it off!

*I believe this rule has its origins in practicality: where can you put your fedora if the counter is full? For much the same reason, it's acceptable to wear a hat in an elevator: where else are you going to put it?