15 December 2008

Your Fathers Architecture

It does still exist. Kind of. In design school anyway. I don't mean in a stylistic sense, I mean in the sense of spending countless hours on hand rendered drawings, driving your self mad with calculations, and having all of your right shirt sleeves black with lead and stained with permanent ink. Here is what twenty hours and three nights of putting pen to paper will get you:

and it's accompanying mess:

My apologies to those of you who look here for pictures and anecdotes involving my cheap clothes, but the markers in the photo contain xylene based ink, which is now illegal. Staying up too late and playing with those things can make a man lose interest in bow ties and flannels, at least temporarily. Tune in at the end of the week for more sartorial trivialities.

p.s. we all think of architecture today as a computers game, which of course it is. But a great teacher I had last semester once said "If you ask a designer for a pen and he doesn't pull a dozen different kinds out of his pockets, he's not a designer. Don't trust him."


ms. mindless said...

neat! now do you get some time off for the holidays?

Gregorius Mercator said...

Just going through some old posts - have you considered acquiring sleeve protectors? You know - those old fashioned black sleeves that bankers and librarians used to wear.

I came across an old copy of Good Housekeeping from 1889 that suggests old stockings can be used as sleeve protectors. Just a thought.