10 February 2009

Polite Society

Tonight, we infiltrated Polite Society. We played some Les Paul style versions of Beatles and Bob Dylan. Two guitars and drums, on the mezzanine of an archaic members only library across the street from the Massachusetts State house. They actually serve punch in plastic cups out of a bowl that belonged to Thomas Jefferson in this place. Debauchery!

A tiny drum kit, like so.(Note the floor tom used as bass drum)And some old guitars played through amps full of tubes, like so.( Note the Klein Tools bag used for cables and the like. Heavy Duty Ivy all the way.)In a room full of very large oil paintings like this.Wearing penny loafers and argyle socks like so.
Sitting in front of books like this. (The Savage Gentleman?!?! This book was actually on the shelf right by where we set up, among books about Burma and Siam, in the days of British imperialism.)

We played to a room full of button down collars, bow ties and tweed. I think they enjoyed us.

I'm working on a membership bid. Wish me luck.


Charles said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I've always liked those jazz kits with the small bass drums.

Pigtown*Design said...

Don't you just adore those "hidden" gems!

C said...

Nice. I have only had the pleasure of performing in an atmosphere like this a few times (electric guitar or bass). I have, however experienced the terror of performing in an auditorium full of people with nothing but a small nylon string guitar.

That this terrifies me is probably why I'm going to teach high-school English instead of performing.


Patrick said...

I used to work next door to the Athaneum at #14 —the even more archaic Congregational Library.

Anonymous said...

I want one of those Klein tool bags.

Ellie said...

What a great gig. What great gear. And great get-up, too. That's a lot of Gs, I suppose.

Brand new reader. Loyalty hereby promised.

Giuseppe said...

Thanks for the new loyalty< Ellie. Glad to have you.