15 June 2012

Reader Finds

Our first installment of Reader Finds features something for the ladies:
Meg of Pigtown Design found a couple of Hermes scarves for $2.00  each at a church thrift shop in Baltimore. Full story here.

And for the gentlemen:
Rafiel found this vintage "peek-a-boo" tie in a thrift shop in New York City, noteworthy not only for the kitsch pin-up lining, but for the fact that it's actually a nice tie besides that.

If you've got a great thrift shop find you'd like to share, email me at anaffordablewardrobe@yahoo.com with pictures and brief details, including your first name and city. Use the phrase "reader finds" in the subject line. 


Pigtown*Design said...

Thanks for including me! So pleased to be a part of the AAW group!

Anonymous said...

You don't wanna blow up your spots...

C.L. Young said...

This is great! I always feel like a pirate on some raid when I go into the thrift stores! Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not...but it's the thrill!
Cardinal rule of ANY serious thrifter is to never reveal your sources! Otherwise (just as Anonymous stated) your spots WILL be blown up!