20 October 2010

Beat The Press

The Weekly Dig, Boston's local goings-on-about-town paper, was kind enough to interview me and some of the other vendors from the Top Shelf Flea last week. Read the full article here.

What a treat! Though some of the info may be slightly innacurate (hours are 10-4, not 12-6) we all  appreciate the nod. Thanks, Emma and the Dig.
Maybe you love tassel loafers, but have yet to score a pair of Alden's....
Or maybe you're a sucker for neckties. Your wife, girlfriend or significant other of any stripe may be constantly asking you what you need all those ties for, but you know that too much is never enough....

or maybe you're dying to get your mitts on a handmade bow tie by the kindly Miss Ellie LaVeer.

Or perhaps you just can't help but wonder what all this crazy sh*t I like to prattle on about looks like in person.

Sunday could be your lucky day.


Jho78 said...

Once again I'm feeling so, so left out. Sigh.

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...


If I may. Roughly how much do the tassel loafers go for...?


Ryan said...

To follow up on Mxolisi's question, what size(s) are the tassel loafers?

Giuseppe said...

The black pair is a 9 1/2. The brown ones (in the middle) are a size 9. The pair on the right are Bostonian, size 11.

$45 each for the Alden's.