16 October 2010

The Lieutenant

At the first Top Shelf Flea Market back in May, I was more than a little surprised and overwhelmed by the turnout. It was a pleasant surprise, and it's always nice to meet so many readers.  I think I talked for a solid 4 1/2 hours that day. While it is gratifying to be so "slammed" as we say in the retail business, it did make for some logistical difficulties when it came to simple things like a trip to the restroom, or more importantly, the bar. This time, I've enlisted the help of a Lieutenant.
Here's a picture of James (neck down, Affordable Wardrobe style), in a pair of khakis, tattersall shirt, a tie with a pattern of migrating ducks, and some chambray used as a jacket on a crisp but sunny day. His attire of choice on a Friday afternoon.  A kindred spirit indeed. If you haven't been checking out James' own blog  10engines, you've been missing something. For shame, it's been at the top of the blogroll for a long time.

James brings his own rugged and creative sensibility to the table, a style he describes as "hi/lo". It's the sort of thing exemplified perfectly in things like his camouflage bow tie, see here. Together with James and my brother on shoe shine patrol, An Affordable Wardrobe's little corner of the world is shaping up to be quite the place to be next Sunday.
As an added bonus, James has gotten his hands on a box of these "junk bags" by the Textile Buff & Wheel Co., based in nearby Charlestown, Massachusetts. For a full description on why you need one of these, see here. Available practically nowhere at retail, we are proud to offer these bags to you. In James' words, they "hold more that you can carry". So grab one, and fill it with a pair or shoes, a tweed jacket, a half a dozen hard to find books, a lamp for the nightstand, a vintage cocktail set, a cool piece of jewelry for your girl, a cast iron baking dish, and maybe a couple of Heinekens you snuck out of the bar for the long walk home.


The Red Velvet Shoe said...

Having James on board will make a huge difference....besides that you'll be closer to the Restroom.
Can you please save one of the bags for me?


Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

I like how you use the phrase 'for shame', it sounds so South African. So black. Indigenous.

I enjoy your posts all the time.


Mitch said...

Is that a chambray? Looks like chamois to me.

T said...

It's weird how insular the clothes-horse blogging world has gotten. Somebody ought to work up a Venn diagram.

Unknown said...

Great post. So how do we become the owners of one of these unique
carryalls/ons via AAW?

Giuseppe said...


it's chamois. My mistake.


When a guy lives and your neighborhood and shares your interest and also has two small children, you're bound to become friends.


Available at the Top Shelf Flea. Come and get 'em...

james at 10engines said...

thx for the nod G.

v fired up for this.
the bags are "the business" and will be $18. steal of the century.

see you all there.

New York Is For Haters said...

And here I am thinking to myself before scrolling all the way down in the comments, "gee, those are nice bags. I bet he's not selling them for less than $100 and probably more like $125."

I've got to get out of NY.

Giuseppe said...


Here in Boston, the couture lumberjack thing never quite stuck. Call it Yankee thrift or whatever you like. We do dig our workwear as fashion, hell that's a nationwide trend, but we still tend to price it like the sensible stuff for woking folks that it actually is. Don't forget that the very thing that prompted me to organize the first Top Shelf Flea was a trip to a certain "Flea Market" in New York that was all about seeing and being seen in your $400 authentic heritage brand well curated Japanese raw selvedge denim.

I won't tell you to flee from New Jack. In many ways it is a fabulous place like no other. But Boston is a scant 4 hour trip by bus. Ten more minutes on the subway gets you to Top Shelf, and an $18 bag. See you there?

michael said...

...And talk about yankee thrift; if you play your cahds right you could probably pull a round trip bus ticket, subway fare,lunch somewhere in Davis Sq., a few beers AND one of those bags and still get back to NYC for less than $100, definately less than $125.

Meg said...

Wow, shame on me for finding out about your blog one day too late. I missed the flea market, but I thought I would see if I could still buy a bag from you (if there are any left).

Next time thrifty vintage wares are on display, I'm there.