16 March 2012

My Office

Known as the "dining room" by the rest of family, on a busy week it looks like this:
We do in fact eat at this table...occasionally. But this is a far more common site. I used to work in the basement, but I find the atmosphere in the house proper to be far more cozy.

p.s. a busy week for me is good news for you. All the items pictured, and more, are available in the Shop. Items from Chipp, Polo, Brooks Brothers, and J. Press. A ton of ties, tennis sweater, vintage suits, shoes and more. Check it out.


Roger v.d. Velde said...

Yes indeed. I took an immediate fancy to the sleeveless cricket pullover (and the knitted waistcost which has already been sold!)
It would cost €27 to send to me (not bad) but then I see you don't take debit cards (I refuse to have a credit card or PayPal). But I'm cool about it, I know it will find another good home.

bafe said...

The knit west would have found a good home in switzerland, if I had not bought a pair of flannels a week before. I guess paying the shipping twice is too much for a cheap like me.