30 September 2008

Back From the Dry Cleaners

I just got my new(old) Harris Tweed back from the dry cleaners, the garment that christened this blog. Of course, I couldn't wait to wear it. I feel quite certain that this jacket will be my new best friend for the next 5 months or so. For tonight, I decided to go with the 'English Literature teacher who possibly smokes pot' look:

Harris Tweed sport coat: $2.99

J. Press 'Burlington Knot' necktie: $1.99

Blue button-down oxford from 'The Holbrook Company': (can't remember, but $cheap)

On the bottom, my new clean dungarees, grey patterned socks and brown Florsheim 'Longwings'

On an entirely non-clothing related note, my young son and I recently had lunch in a real relic of a diner. The place absolutely warmed my heart. I think the pictures speak for themselves:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One helluva great jacket.
One helluva classy necktie.

One helluva nostaligic pair of unpretentious Trad shoes.

Wear them in good health, and keep up the good fight, my friend.