17 September 2008

Wax Cotton

The Barbour coat is truly one of menswear's all time classics. Completely waterproof and totally rugged, yet perfectly at home atop a shirt and tie. Perhaps the best thing about this waxed-cotton jacket is the fact that it comes with a lifetime service guarantee. They don't care where you got it. If it says Barbour, they'll stick by it. This means that for as long as you own it, Barbour will clean it, inspect it, repair it and retreat it with wax coating, for a fee of course. I bought this coat new-with-tags for $9.99 (reg retail about $375!) in an undisclosed thrift location two years ago. I wear it from September till May. Sure, the yearly once over will cost $47, but its worth it. I will own this coat for the rest of my life, I know it. If the opportunity ever presents itself, buy one without reserve. In fact, I'd venture to say that this really is one item worth saving up for. Mine goes in for service tomorrow.
A Barbour jacket brings up any mans look, any day, provided he lives in a place (like Boston) prone to cold and moisture. I realize I was incredibly lucky in finding mine so cheap, and I'd be lost in the wet season without it. Starting dropping hints for Christmas to your significant other today.


Anonymous said...

A stunning find.
As someone who doesn't live in a major metropolitan city the most interesting label I've come across when thumbing trough the local vintage/thrift stores has been Garanimals.
Your good fortune is enviable.


DWWS said...

Hi Giuseppe:

Just a thought on your Barbour: (awesome coat btw; which model is yours? I favor the "Border as I am 6'5") you can apply the thornproof dressing yourself. All it will cost is the price of a tin of the stuff. I think they suggest that you heat it up with a blowdrier, to soften it, but hey, it'll save you some money!


David (DWWS)