19 September 2008

A Chilly Day in September

Today was the first day that felt like Fall from front to back. My house was freezing this morning, it never got warmer than cool, and now, at night, it is once again freezing. At times like these, let us look to the Pacific Northwest:Pendleton Woolen Mills, made in Oregon. The definitive wool shirt...that is if you can find a real one. These days they are made god-knows-where, but the old ones are built of iron. Sadly, they all say "Warranted to be a Pendleton" on them, but I don't think they should warrant anything to be anything that wasn't made at the old mill. Look closely at the last line of the care instructions. 1962!?! That means that seven or eight years ago, when I found this shirt, it was already 38 years old, and I've worn it hard since I've had it. And it is clearly none the worse for wear:
Personally, I like these as a shirt on top of a shirt. In this case, over a button down collar oxford, with the collar buttons undone. On the bottom, jeans and loafers, two items our friend Sullivan has been obsessed with lately, that form their own unsinkably perfect combination. Finish with bright patterned socks, the preppy period on any sentence.


heavy tweed jacket said...

I have a Pendleton wool button down that I received as a gift years ago, and it is great in the dead of winter with a turtleneck and cords. An American classic. Great blog, btw.

Giuseppe said...

Thanks, Heavy Tweed. It's good to have you back on the scene.

Mike said...

Hey there,

I'm enjoying catching up on your blog... I found it while searching for info on how Pendleton labeled its shirts in the 1960s. I found one at a thrift shop yesterday dated 1960! My favorite find despite the $300+ shoes and $200+ tie that I also found... Keep up the good work!