22 September 2008


I'm pleased to announce that our friend Charlie 'thrifters have too much sh*t' Commenter is none othe than the illustrious Longwing!

Here I am only five days into this rant session and already such distinguished guests.


Charles said...

You only think I'm distinguished because we've never met. But thanks.

I like your blog. I also like all the bicycle links. I am in the process of converting a 20 year old mountain bike into a commuter/cruiser kind of thing. I've turned it into a single speed with coaster brake. I have higher handlebars also. I need to do more, especially get rid of some of the unneeded mountings and line tubes that are welded on the frame. I think I'm going to get some fenders and baskets at some point.

I think I will end up with a really cool bike that no one in their right mind would steal. That's what I'm hoping.

Giuseppe said...

I've got a garage full of cool old bikes no one in thier right mind would steal. Be careful. Once you know how to build them well they have atendency to breed like rabbits.


Turling said...

My son has been bitten by the bug. He found my old bicycle stand and tools in the garage from my track racing days. He's only 5, but he pretends to be a mechanic and spins the wheels while the bike is on the stand. He has me out there now, as well. I'm having an old beach cruiser picked up from a neighbor near our cabin. Going to convert it to a hybrid. We live at the top of a hill, so the single cog won't work for these old knees.

Giuseppe said...

My son's got a full blown case of it too, and he's not even 2. Every day before we leave the house I take out the pump, and he hangs it from the spokes and pushes on the lever. I check the tires, say 'good thing you fixed it.' he smiles from ear to ear and off we go.