05 February 2011

The Accidental Mascot

Anyone remember the Polo teddy bear?
I have only the vaguest memory of these things, but I do remember that they were at one time indeed a "thing". Teddy was everywhere, on t-shirts, sweaters, neck ties, pillows, towels, sheets, and of course, in person. Recently, I found a tie with a pattern of Polo teddies and American flags. Mrs. G was shocked that I bought it. I explained that it was collectible and I'd have it sold in no time. She scoffed, but the tie was gone within hours.

Two days later, we were in a thrift shop together when I found this bear. This time she was all for my purchase. But my little two year old girl picked him up, hugged him close, looked right at me and said "Love him". Guess we won't be selling that one...at least not right away.

You gotta admit, he is kinda cute.


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Anonymous said...

That is one classy, uptown bear. If I remember correctly, I think RL Polo was doing some charity fund-raising with the bears as well.

notanymore said...

I still have my first teddy bear- a Chicago Bears Teddy Bear... and since I now live in Dallas, I was so hoping they'd beat the packers. Instead, they disintegrated.

You may never sell that bear. :P

Unclelooney said...

Ralph copied that from the Santa Bears that were sold at the old Dayton's Dept store in Minneapolis. (Yes the Daytons own Tar-Jay.)Wall street pressured them to sell off the Dept stores and concentrate on Target. They are now all Macys)

Young Fogey said...

I, too, have succumbed to my children's instant attachment to something they see in the store...

...but please, know when to be firm, or you'll have no money left for anything else!

We trained my eldest from an early age, saying something like, "you can play with that now, but it's not ours, and it's staying here." Works wonders. She also knows that whining and wheedling are 100% counterproductive--so she doesn't.

But I have to admit: I would have gotten the bear in a heartbeat. The little one saying "love him"--too cute!

whereisthecool said...

Funny !