19 November 2008

The Big Boots

Today I wore the Big Boots:

The Big Boots are an anomaly in my wardrobe, sort of. They are very rugged and western, and they only go with jeans. I actually find it difficult to put outfits to them. And I don't ride horses. But they are so nice and so inherently American that I can't bear to part with them.

Today's attempt was to pair them with the Big Sweater, an article of clothing I handle more adeptly:

I know it looks in these pictures like the outfit made no sense, but in the bright sunshine of a 28 degree New England afternoon, under a brown goose down vest and my ever present Barbour jacket, somehow it did.

I like these boots. They're the kind of thing Ulysses Grant,

and Teddy Roosevelt might have worn. And with shirts and ties at that.


Bass Weejuns? No. Traditional American? Most certainly yes. It's good to step outside the boundaries now and again.


Anonymous said...

I am an not a Westerner by birth, but I have been in Las Vegas for six years now, and I have seen men pull of boots such as yours with dress slacks and suits, and after my initial bemusement, I have to say, it really can work.

Pitboss12 said...

Are the boots a thrifting find or did you buy them at retail?

Eco-Prep said...

Love the Frye boots! I believe that you're right about them being traditional American. I dealt with the same sartorial quandary this summer when I spent a substantial amount of time in Nashville, where boots are the local go-to footwear. You seem to have found a nice balance! I love reading your blog!

Giuseppe said...

The best thing about these boots, in my opinion, is that the are "Western" but without the damn pointy toe, so they're more dressy like a shoe.

Thay were an "expensive" thrift find at $40, new.

Thanks for the kind words. Its always nice to get a new commenter.