11 November 2008

More Shoes

I don't really need a pair of brown suede split toe oxfords, but when they turn up for $12.99 it's hard resist the compulsion:

They promise to be awfully sharp with grey flannels, a herringbone sport coat and a blue button down. Tomorrow, as long as its chilly enough.

And now a sartorial conundrum: are natural canvas Converse Chuck Taylor's strictly a summer shoe, or do they work with khakis and a crew neck sweater when its a sunny 60 degrees in the Autumn? Your thoughts are appreciated.


Matt said...

global warming has called off all bets. rock 'em! i do.

Anonymous said...

I'd say they definitely work in summer, fall and spring, as long as the weather permits.

Anonymous said...

Agreed: Natural canvas is fine for any season but winter.

Anonymous said...

No try to get a pair of Jack Purcell's and distress them a bit by washing them.

Couple that with kaki's and your Hollbrook blue oxford and you will be totally Trad.

No socks.


DAM said...

Classic American Shoe - and season less. Lest we forget this was a basketball shoe (or slight variation anyways) and basketball is a traditionally, winter sport. Go for it (maybe even to a basketball game)!

Anonymous said...

Leather Chucks.

I've got my eye on the all black high tops.

Patrick said...

I'm a big fan of the AE Bradley, and I have never seen them in suede before. Very, very cool.

Toad said...

I'm with Erika on this one

Toad said...

A gentleman alwasy need a great split toe suede oxford

Death Bredon said...

After having rocked both Converse and Jack Purcell's (which were a premium model and very good), I have finally settled on Kswiss. But you've good to search their website for cool models.

1. Kswiss (top quality in and great All-Amerin stlye)
2. Jack Purcell (premium models are more comfortale)
3. Treton (nostalgia)
4. Converse (price is right)

But its all personal taste, of course!