18 November 2008

The Rumpled Professor

Today it was cold, blustery and windy as hell. The perfect weather for 'the rumpled professor':

Usually I crop the books out, but today they make the outfit.

Thick tweed, vest sweater, knit tie and button down collar. Doesn't get much more East Coast than that.

Dark green 'Elf Shoes' and stripey socks, for a bit of the old 'devil-may-care'

And the best part is: flannel lined khakis. What an invention! We all owe the guy that came up with this idea a drink... at least those of us in the bitter cold Northeast.

I should have mussed my hair for the final touch, and spent the day in a dusty office in an obscure corner of some basement in some university.

My apologies for yesterday's sappy post, we all have our weak moments.

In other news, there is a new sidebar devoted to our ladies. Whereas the men like acquisition and kvetching, the girls tend to prefer crafts and children. Check them out.


Jean Martha said...

After years of ignoring my suggestion, my Fiance finally put on a pair of flannel lined pants last winter. He's in love with the pants (and me). I keep waiting for a good LL Bean sale to get him another pair.

*love the socks!

initials CG said...

Giuseppe, I have to admit that normally it' be a tad too professor for me, but what really works so well is your greenish knit tie and the sweater vest. That play of texture is beautifully framed by the tweed jacket. Nice mix...hope you dont mind , but I'm going to borrow that...

Giuseppe said...

Borrow away.

Anonymous said...

Looks good, change the shoes.