25 November 2008

A Wee Bit of Local Fame

Seems someone at Boston Magazine has been reading the musings of yours truly. How exciting.
You can't buy a phrase like ...'reeks of Cary Grant'. I am humbled by the compliment.
Thank you, Miss Sheppard.


Anonymous said...

Press! You've entered the next level of blogdom! Don't ask me what the levels are, but press from the "legitimate" press is good!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic. Reading your blog gave me a whole new perspective on clothing especially in regards to tailoring.

So far I have purchased the following:

2 Brooks brothers oxfords $9.00 per
Harris Tweed Jacket $30.00
Ralph Lauren Trench Coat - $20.00
A real Vintage wool Mac Gregor Coat from 1940 for $60.00


Unknown said...

Great job!

Your blog has inspired me too, I've recently purchased 3 good quality wool sport coats, all made in Canada (where I live) for very decent prices - the most expensive was 14.00

Once I get the cuffs hemmed, and the waist let out a bit on one, I'm 3 sportcoats richer - for less than the cost of one new one, off the rack, at a store like Tip Top Tailors.

PS - I found your blog via a link from Off The Cuff, which I found through Be Better Guys.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Charles said...

Congratulations. Well deserved.

Toad said...

I second longwing. Well deserved.

Giuseppe said...

Thank you, I'm glad to be of sevice.