I can't help it: I'm a clotheshorse. I love to dress well, and I own more nice clothes than any decent man should. I know what I like, my tastes are particular, and I don't abide junk well.

But I'm a cheapskate, and broke most of the time to boot. So what's a guy to do?

Over the years I've managed to assemble a formidable wardrobe of the finest menswear for pennies, through persistent thrift shopping and bargain hunting, so I know it can be done. I hear so many people use their relative penury as an excuse to run around in pajamas all the time, but this will never do! With a little effort, a keen eye, and some advice from your truly, of course, any man can step up his game and carry himself with poise and style. Penury is not an excuse, because style has nothing to do with money.

The aim of An Affordable Wardrobe is to prove this point, while occasionally veering off on related tangents. Dressing well should be fun, and it need not break the bank.

I look forward to fostering an open discussion of the topics presented here, and all opinions are welcome. However, decorum is a must. Excessive profanity or outright negativity will not be considered for publication. In addition to dressing like grown ups, lets remember to behave like them as well.

So enjoy! An Affordable Wardrobe welcomes you.

giuseppe timore