29 October 2008

Another Great Find

Turned up yesterday at an undisclosed thrift, $7.99:

(my apologies for the poor quality of the last photo. The label reads: Hardwick Clothes for Ben's, Amesbury, Mass.)

This jacket has it all: the perfect all-purpose black and grey herringbone, in the perfect super thick Harris tweed,(with the perfect amount of old wear and tear), from a perfectly unheard-of little store in a perfectly obscure town in Massachusetts. And cheap to boot. What's not to love?


Anonymous said...

Could you do me a favor? Does it have a floating canvas? I've felt 4 Harris Tweed coats and they've never had a floating canvas. Pinch between the button holes and see if you feel three layers or just two?

I'm an amateur tailor so I'm curious.

Giuseppe said...


No floating canvas on this one. Just two thick ;ayers of tweed and a satin half lining.

Anonymous said...

This is the very same jacket that I bought as a college freshman in 1961.


Anonymous said...

are you familiar with Freemans Sporting Club? Way way way too expensive, they charge a lot for the benefit of having a shopping experience that all of our fathers and grandfathers would have had everytime. Made in USA sold in USA and old fashioned working clothing. Anyway they sell a tweed coat completely unlined, which is worth looking at, it fits well considering the way it is manufactured. Peter K owns one if you want to check it out, he lives like a half a mile from you.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind the floating canvas.

Congrats on that jacket. I have a similar thrifted Harris Tweed that is my "winter blazer." These things are indestructable, go with everything, and keep you warmer and drier than most modern synthetics. I am thinking of adding a throat latch to mine because I wear it so much as outerwear when others have broken out the trench coat, etc. Not to be too catty, but your other grey tweed looked a bit like a suit jacket.


Anonymous said...

What color shirt and tie would go with this jacket?

Giuseppe said...

Lots of shirts and ties go with this jacket, but personally I favor a button down in white, blue or blue stripe, with a wool knit or a striped bowtie.