13 October 2008

Plaid as Hell

The Late Great Duke of Windsor puts us all to shame, as I'm sure we all know. Even his clown suits are better than anything you or I have ever owned.

photo respectfully culled from Sportinglifemag.com

I invite you to drool over the rest of he dukes finery here. What ever happened to golf?

Imagine those pants with a thick red wool sweater, a glass of good Scotch and a full pipe on Christmas Eve as you sit by the tree and gaze at the snow falling outside, the kids snuggled away for the night. Or the jacket as the top of a tux at a particularly outrageous New Year's party. Unstoppable.

More of my own posts (i.e. less creative stealing from other blogs) coming soon.


Anonymous said...

forget the plaid, how about that gray Tyrolian insanity with the green piping and applique? good lord. I take back almost everything I've ever said about the Northerners.

Anonymous said...

let's bring back the plus four. ride bikes around town in flannel golfing suits with six packs of IPA and a bag of apple cheese and sausage.