09 October 2008

Smart Casual

I rarely find myself in a situation where a necktie is a requirement, but that doesn't mean I don't still like wearing them. This means I have to keep a firm grasp of the concept of 'smart casual' that is, being more dressed-up than casual and more casual than dressed up, all at the same time. For me, I find a tie with jeans , and an outerwear jacket rather than a sport coat works pretty good. Comfortable, but stylish. Our fellow blogger Heavy Tweed Jacket recently featured some old pictures from the 1980's, one of which I pretty much stole my look from today.

We can all get carried away talking about suits and jackets and all that, but I think we tend to forget the more everyday version of this classic look we call Trad. For me, the perfect mix of the formal with the comfortable and somewhat sporty is at the heart of the whole thing.And nothing beats the punch of argyle socks that sort of don't match, but they do.

p.s. a commenter recently inquired as to whether I ever found those blue cords with red lobsters that I yearned for in a recent Haiku. I haven't, but it did remind of my almost silly lobster tie.


Anonymous said...

An abolutely perfect hard-to-find-today roll on that OCBD shirt.

Anonymous said...

"Smart Casual" Finally a term for it. I was trying to articulate this the other day. More dressed up than casual yet more casual than dressed up. Thank You!

Patrick said...

I find "smart casual" much harder to pull off than "spiffy" or "yard work."

I like your take.

Plaid Dad said...

Those socks are mean,specially with those loafers.