22 October 2011

Going to Market

The time is upon us. A few notes to readers and friends before we pack this show up and bring it to market.

My thanks and apologies to Top Shelf Vendors who did not receive individual write ups here on the blog. I love you all, but unfortunately one man can only do so much. If you're reading this and planning on coming, be sure and check out every table, as they're all good.

An Affordable Wardrobe online shop will be closed for business now until Tuesday, 25 October, in order to avoid any double selling. When we re-open, we'll be featuring new items for Fall/Winter. Call it the unveiling of AAW F/W 2011.

Special thanks to The Trad, Put This On, and anyone else who may have voluntarily plugged this thing online. Much obliged.

Come early, stay late, see you at noon.


The Old Road said...

Crushed that I can't make it. Sending all my Boston friends!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was in Boston right now... Best of luck!

David V said...

Can't come to Boston for TSF so I'll have to content myself with the Chicago Vintage Mart. I fear it won't be the same.