29 October 2011

Tie Tied, Shirt Tucked In, Buttons Buttoned

If your going to dress well, don't cop out by "casualizing" everything about it. If you wear a tie, close your collar and push it up; if you wear a proper shirt, tuck it in; if you wear a jacket, button it. After all, if something like this:

...can be done with all the finer points of neatness in place, what's your excuse for half stepping? And who says that wearing a suit is stiff and restrictive? Someone without style, no doubt.


Peter said...

The men who complain that wearing suits are stiff and restrictive are the same men who wear everything 2-3 sizes too big, anyway. There should be plenty of room for all their sedentary activities and no complaints.

Anonymous said...

Old Prof said...
Gentile Signore Timore,

Considering the fact that at this very moment there are 22 responses to a post about a seemingly mundane topic like laundry, might I suggest that you consider a post on how to iron a shirt. I predict that this will generate even more responses.

Grazie in anticipo.

NOVEMBER 11, 2010 8:36 PM
Giuseppe said...
Stay tuned.

NOVEMBER 11, 2010 9:02 PM

Michael Borshuk said...

Have been reading and loving your blog for months and months now, and finally have to post a comment to commend you on your frequent featuring classic jazz style. (I'm writing a book right now that is in part about the sartorial style of jazz musicians...)

Great work, always.


Thomas said...


MIchael C said...

I love that you used one of the classiest musicians in jazz to accentuate your point!

2 button suit said...

Cheer! I like what you just said it is so true.

oxford cloth button down said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I might also add, If where you are going requires a ties, it requires a jacket. If it requires a jacket, it requires a tie.