08 April 2010


Yeah, you heard me, teal. The penultimate color of the mid 1980s. Maybe it should be left to American Apparel and hipsters in ironic ugly glasses. Maybe it should just be left alone. I really don't know. What I do know is that when I came across this Lacoste Harrington style jacket in teal, with a red plaid lining no less, I was quickly convinced that it was worth every one of the four hundred and ninety nine pennies it cost me.

I'll admit, this one was tough to put together. In the earlier part of the day, I played it safe with only a white Brooks Brothers oxford under it, and some vintage Ray-Bans to nail it down. As the day wore on, the temperature dropped, so after much deliberation I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go all out with the bright red sweater...because the only thing more outrageous than a teal jacket is a teal jacket next to something in an electric shade of red.

Down below, dungarees and penny loafers. Once again, I have no time for socks.

Oddly enough, when taken all together, this rig had a vaguely vintage skinhead sort of vibe, albeit with an extra dose of peacock and a lot less hardcore.

Hmmm....confusing to say the least.


Scott Alexander said...

I really don't see the pinhead vibe, just another very well composed set by thrifting's finest.

Young Fogey said...

Looks great--but then again, the jacket looks blue, not teal, in the shot. Probably looks great regardless.

CLG said...

Loafer time!

Its so unbearable in Florida now...shorts are a staple now, maybe pants in a rare chance

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

You nailed it. Definite skinhead vibe. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Teal gives me the shivers, though the jacket does look good in the photo. Yeah, definitely orbiting the skinhead/hooligan solar system with the outfit. You should drop a few consonants when wearing this getup--"Bloo'y 'ell!"

J. said...

not to be a pain, but maybe another shot of the jacket would really do the teal justice. To be honest it looks down right conservative in the current shot.

Anyway, first time commenting (i think) but love the blog! Can't wait to see lots of pics from the flea!

Young Fogey said...

I guess you guys saw different skinheads than I did. I don't recall them ever wearing anything other than Doc Martens, and never a sweater (though the Grunge-types certainly did). The only collared shirts I've seen on them were plaid, and often wrapped around the waist.

I guess yooz guyz on da East Coast really do inhabit a different fashion universe--but I already knew that, what with the GTH pants and the patch madras and the like.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Oi oi oi!!

Giuseppe said...


Around here we had two basic types of skins:

The hardcore types, steel toed Doc Marten's, white or balck t-shirts from some Oi band, skinny suspenders, and tight jeans, often bleach spattered, rolled high.

Then there were the sort of conservative skins. This uniform consisted of narrow cut jeans, with a short cuff, low cut Doc Martens (or Adidas Sambas in the Summer) tennis shirts or oxfords, v-neck sweaters, and plaid lined Harrington jackets, usually in navy or Black. In Winter, swap a pea coat or army flight jacket for the Harrington.

Both groups of course favored very short hair, the former usually went bald to the skin, while the latter favored crew cuts and other military styles.

It was the latter group I had in mind here.

But even those guys would likely beat me up a hardcore show if I turned up in this regalia.

Pitboss12 said...

Jacket looks navy rather than teal but still a good look. Thrift yourself some Fred Perry or an old ben Sherman and you're in business.

Anonymous said...

giuseppe, don't sell yourself short, you have a free pit pass to see the cro mags if they ever come play boston -- sincerely, the boston thrifting skinhead posse (llc)

Giuseppe said...

Wow, I'm humbled by that one.

If the Cro-Mags do ever wind up around here, I'll be drinking a can of beer right in front.

Anonymous said...

The cuffed loose fit jean with the loafers sans the socks looks great!
Very well put together mate!

Anonymous said...

Are those mocs comfy with no socks? They look like the kind that would.
I tend to prefer the feeling and look of not having them, but I always end up in ankle socks (in summer, especially with shorts) because I'm not used to them.
Is there something one needs to do? Girls seem not to have problem with this, so I guess it's a matter of the type of leather, fit and softeness the shoe is made of and consists in.