12 June 2010


I could have called this post "Orange", but that just wouldn't do our subject justice. It's more the color of a fresh fillet of sockeye salmon. My dangerous proclivity for the pushy palette strikes again.
In the past, I've lamented the fact that my life just doesn't require nice clothes, but in reality it's a good thing. I can think of few, if any, situations requiring a jacket where a rig like this would be appropriate, so dressing this way by choice opens the door to these admittedly crazy pieces. I'd get pretty bored in a navy or grey suit all the time, you know.
3/2, darted, three button cuff, lapped seams, shallow center vent,open patch pockets all around

All rendered in a really nice proper hop sack cloth, open weave for cool breathing in warm weather, with little specks of navy threads throughout, 1/2 lined in pink shark skin satin.
I bet the previous owner was a teacher. Note the ball point pen marks in both blue and red. A nice touch, don't you think?

Hickey Freeman by way of the long gone F.R.Tripler of New York. I'm willing to bet at least some of you are surprised that such a thing comes with a bit of a pedigree. Tripler is a relic well regarded by the kind of guys, like me, who geek out on this stuff, but oddly enough the only thing I could find about them on the web was this article published originally in 1940. (Besides, of course, some abject menswear geekiness over at Ask Andy...don't get me started. What's up with that slutty ad in the sdiebar? Yikes!)

All mine for $8.99. A bit steep for me, but well worth it. It needs a good cleaning, so it might be a few weeks before this number hits the streets, but hit the streets it will.

Consider yourself warned.


Unknown said...

Quite a garment. FWIW, in Flusser's Dressing the Man, there's a picture of an old Tripler ad for striped neckties (only $4.25, page 152).

Young Fogey said...

If anyone could pull this crazy jacket off, it's you.

Or the fine gentleman known as ADG.

Mike said...

I guess you'll find a way to let this thing look cool on you!

Unknown said...

Love the jacket. I inherited two (not one, but two) jackets in this color from my dad. One's a wool blazer with brass buttons by Land's End, the other is a linen sport coat with horn buttons by Brooks Brothers. Both were made in the 70's, and both receive a lot of compliments. People love a good salmon jacket. Good find!!

Thornproof said...

Hey, again, if you don't want to rock this rig, then send it my way! I think it could be perfect with one of the ties that I recently acquired ... anyway, that is another great find!


Anonymous said...

"What's up with that slutty ad in the sdiebar? Yikes!"

Seriously. I'm glad somebody else had that reaction, too.

Great find, sir. Love the posts.


tintin said...

A huge improvement over the prior post which has a "Miami Beach retiree looking for his savings bucks at the CVS pharmacy" thing going on.

Giuseppe said...

Dammit, Tin TIn, you may be right. As soon as you said that, all I could think of was how that outfit would have come off with those white velcro ortho shoes...and an adjustable height aluminum cane. Crap!

Next time the periwinkle jacket makes an appearance, I'll be sure to tread with more caution.

Horatio said...

By the way, I've never paid as little as $8.99 for a jacket. The default price around here is $20, with a roughly $10margin up or down. I ignore the local nitwits who price their used men's jackets at $40. What a rip-off!

You, my friend, are blessed with fantastic thrift stores.

Thinning Hair Shampoo said...

I shop exclusively at thrift stores and I'm delighted to find that I'm actually in good company! I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I mention my finds!

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

Just added a "Vintage Menswear" Floor to the boutique...you will be quite jealous when you see what I found for DH this week: Trimingham's Bermuda navy blazer & a Country Gentleman handwoven madras cap loomed in India...I've been a very good student of AAW!!!

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Sorry.

Giuseppe said...

Dissenting opinions are always welcome.

Salmon ain't for everybody.