23 December 2011

The Jams

"Jingle Bells" is not a Christmas song. It's a Winter Jam written in in a bar in Medford, Massachusetts, not far from wher I have lived all my life, in  1857. It's about drinking and driving and picking up girls, in an innocent, 19th century New England kind of way (not kidding). You know, a party song.

I bet these two drank that whole bowl of punch between them in an hour, then took the Cadillac out for a spin. Probably left the car in a ditch and wound up in a casino. Same idea.


SUM said...

Once again, Merry Christmas (I know you Americans prefer HH but the trad greeting is best for this time of year). ANother excellent blog.

David V said...

SUM: Please don't start us Yanks on the Christmas/Holidays debate!

Giuseppe: Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I will share this with my 4 year old boy. His current favorite song is "Tingle Bells" and he will love this video. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

SUM said...

David V: Let's get off that topic then and enjoy this,


SUM said...

And this if you prefer the grandeur of LP:


Young Fogey said...

When I think of Der Bingle, I normally think of his deep, resonant voice, but he took the high part in this one.

What a talented, versatile singer he was!

(P.S.: Don't miss "White Christmas." Fine family entertainment!)