28 November 2012

Keeping Warm, English and Italian Style

My apologies for my recent absence. After plenty of time burning the candle at both ends, a fella runs out of gas and needs some rest. Time to turn in early and hide out for a bit, keeping warm under a vintage blanket:
Hudsone Bay Comapny Point Blanket, possibly 1940s

so soft, so warm, found by Mrs. G., the inveterate blanket expert, less than $10

Wacky, sexy, Italian movies of the early 1960s, especially the ones starring Sophia Loren, provide welcome entertainment for a guy who is both obsessed with old stuff and actually Italian:

p.s. I've also been plenty busy preparing for the upcoming White Eagle Bazaar. If you live around Boston, don't miss it.


Wrenkin said...

The blankets are made in England, but they're a Canadian icon. HBC is a department store now, but it once controlled most of what is now Canada (look up Rupert's Land). The blankets were trade goods, exchanged with aboriginals for beaver pelts, and that pattern (the most famous) was for use in Canada. I wouldn't really call it English style.

Anonymous said...

They also own Lord & Taylor in the US.

Anonymous said...

The blanket resembles the "Glacier National Park Blanket" available from Pendleton Woolen Mills (although with a different blue/green tone stripe).

Duke of Wellington said...

Yes, that blanket is a piece of hard-core, veritable, old-time, Canadiana.

Anonymous said...

Nice score on the Hudson's Bay blanket. They still sell them new, for around $300-$400. (Some of the charm is undermined by the fact that they've started using that coloured-strip pattern on a whole bunch of merch, from coats to scarves to coffee mugs...)