20 February 2013

An Exception to Every Rule

  ...or in this case maybe two...
A big, chunky cardigan sweater,
Not a shawl collar, but an actually knitted notch lapel,
Not generally a fan of native American motifs for myself (first exception to the rule), but there was no denying this one. A great color scheme in tan, grey, navy and burgundy works this one seamlessly into my wardrobe. The wooden buttons are a bonus.
Big pockets, with turned down tops, well made enough to handle the weight of keys or a cell phone without pulling the sweater out of shape,
The excellent embroidery follows through on the back. Found by Mrs. G at a thrift shop for $4.99. I think she was as surprised as anyone that I liked it.
People were paying big money for this stuff 20 years ago when Ralph was doing it.
Rugby even had a try. No comparison. I like my no name 1970s sweater better.

It's the sort of thing an old hippie might wear while he bores his Grandchildren with the same handful of stories where he whines about how much better "The Sixties" were. Or something fit for an Arizona retiree. But that's not the worst of it. This thing is 100% (gasp!) acrylic. That's right. Everything about it is wrong. But what can I say? I love it. At least it wasn't $400.

We all have our ways of dressing, and we set up rules about what we will and won't wear, whether we admit it or not. But every now and then an item comes along that speaks to you that breaks all those rules. When that happens, you can either reject it out of hand as being against regulations, or embrace it. I guess this means I'm becoming more confident in my own style. Or else I really just don't give a damn what people think. Either way, it's fine by me.

The only hard part is avoiding "irony" when I wear it.


Dallas said...


One of the designers of the new J. Press York St. line wearing the RL sweater from above.

Also, agreed about breaking your own rules

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great spoof post, Wardrobe; has anyone else spotted it yet? Can't wait for the one about your killing nylon cargo shorts and Crocs combo!

Unashamedly Rubbish

Unknown said...
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Giuseppe said...


Only I'm not spoofing. There will not, however, be any post about cargo shorts and crocs.