06 May 2014

What's In A Name (it works both ways)

Recently on a hunting trip I found a glen check suit with a tan cast and a faint blue overcheck, styled in full blast traditional American details: 3/2 roll, undarted front, two button cuff, center vent, and flat front pants. First thing I saw in amongst a lot of junk that day, I scooped it right up.

Via none other than the High Holy Brethren Theyselves, the Brothers Brooks. Score, right? Maybe not.

This suit felt a bit "crunchy" as I say. Lots of times, in thrift shops, things feel this way when they are in desperate need of dry cleaning. Lots of times, good dry cleaning brings hem back and renders them soft and cozy once again. But not always...

Turns out this ones "Crunchy" a'cause its made mostly out of polyester. For shame, Brooks Brothers, you say. But let us not forger that it was the very Brethren Theyselves that unleashed DuPont's Dacron monster on the world. In the end, I left this one behind.

A "Good Name" isn't always attached to good quality, just as good quality isn't always attached to a "Good Name". Know the difference.

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Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on BB's cotton/poly casual pants (probably from the 80s)? I've passed over NOS in Goodwill because it is cotton/poly. Mistake?

Joe said...

Generally speaking, I eschew polyester all the time. The are only two exceptions I make. One is the tan poplin suit, which I feel has become a Summer classic in its own right. I may even be wrong in accepting that, but I have one myself and quite like it. The other is of course the trench coat, which is more waterproof when made of a blended fabric.

Cotton/poly pants alone tend to look cheap and cheesy. Poly/wool blend suits can look alright from a distance, but have an awful feel to them and are terribly uncomfortable to wear.

Ian said...

I always admire your self control G.

Young Fogey said...

Brooksease is (was?) another Brooks foray into a lightweight, easy-care fabric. 2% spandex, I think. Not awful, but you can do better.