12 March 2009

la primavera, secondi

In keeping with my last posts theme of sneaking in the spring details, here are two more examples.:

A simple burgundy striped button down with a classic repp tie, a combo for any season.Yesterday, the cotton khakis made an appearance. They've moved into the regular rotation. Since it is still March, I've eschewed bright argyles in favor of a somber grey. One fair weather element at a time, in this case the pants.

And speaking of pants, here's an outfit that goes straight from work to the playground:It was bright and sunny today, but awfully chilly. I stuck with cords, but in an effort to evoke warmer weather, i wore the Go-To-Hell red ones. (side note: I know I could have used the acronym GTH, but the excessive abbreviation that is so rampant today is a pet peeve of mine. That's why I use whole words, and actually dial whole phone numbers. But I digress.) It's funny how in December these pants have a decidedly holiday vibe, but in March they become a precursor to the outrageous summer pants. I have a lot of those. (since my blood runs Italian, we'll call that 'sprezzatura' )On another note, I dropped my Florsheim longwings off at the cobbler for half soles and heels today. I love that guy! The stories he told me...but I'll save that for next week when I pick up the shoes.


Anonymous said...

As always, you look great. However, I wonder if the fraying on your khakis doesn't mean that it's time for them to move down on the list, perhaps to gardening/cleaning/camping duty.

Now, a question. I'm not trying to be demeaning or disrepectful, but why red pants? I honestly don't understand the appeal, perhaps because people don't wear them where I have lived.

A little background: I'm from the Pacific Northwest, and although it is the source of such abominations as the Grunge look (my apologies), there are still people who dress nicely. Still, we don't see red (or much plaid, for that matter) in pants. What makes those appealing for you?

An aside: I owned--and wore--a pair of shocking red Levi's in college; I also had a pair in bright royal blue. I knew they were LOUD, which is why I wore them--that was my personal, made-my-father-crazy, style at the time.

Giuseppe said...

Could be an Eastern Seaboard thing. Livng so close to Harvard, I used to see a lot of guys in loud pants, it was just normal around here, maybe not so much anymore.

Wait till Summer hits. I own a pair in kelly green, canary yellow, patch madras containing mostly primary colors, pale pink, and of course, Nantucket red. There's something quintessentially American in considering oneself appropriately dressed while still being a little brash.

As for the fray on the khakis, these are my old pair. I have another pair in better shape, but sometimes I like these better. The day I took those photos, I ran out of the house in great haste, without even shaving, so the frayed pants were just a part of the whole look..."sprezzatura", remember?

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks for the response. I understand (but don't grok, as it were).