02 September 2009

In Between

Beautiful warm days, clear brisk evenings...in between Summer and Fall. Dressing for this kind of weather can be fun, since it calls for an "in between" way of thinking. Summer items still prevail, but a guy needs to keep warm in the evening.
Khakis and white shoes, with a sweater. I was also shooting for the secondary "in between" of slouchy and polished with this neck tie and sweatshirt combo. ( what do you call that shirt stripe, ribbon stripe, tape stripe? it's like a university stripe on steroids. I love it.)
This may look like a sweatshirt, but it's really more of a thin cotton sweater. Also "in between". It's from the Gap (gasp!) so I guess it also qualifies as a cheap commodity. It found me by chance. Once, when working behind the deli in a gourmet food and wine shoppe, I managed to drench my shirt in extra virgin olive oil. I can be clumsy that way. Never one to walk around all dirty, I ran next door to the Gap in desperation. This was on sale, so I threw it on. I keep deciding I hate it, and so to the back of the closet it goes. But I never get rid of it, because deep down I know that whenever it resurfaces it has a way of being just the right thing. Paired with a knit tie, it provides the perfect sort of calculated nonchalance, another "in between", that so many of us strive for.

I'm trying to knock the white off of my white bucks, so they can be "in between" too. It's finally beginning to take. Once they're perfectly destroyed on purpose, I plan to wear them well past Labor Day with tweed jackets. You watch...I bet someone in New York will make that a "thing" this Fall.( Maybe Mark Mc Nairy will come out with a pair of" pre-stressed" white bucks for $695, or something.)
Then I can be "in between" feeling glad that at least the kids are taking something of an interest in dressing well these days, and cranked that they're doing it for chumpy reasons. (bitch, moan, grumble....)


Anonymous said...

In between for me is fall pants and shoes with no socks - love that.

Young Fogey said...

Great look, G. I particularly like the socks.

I believe that wide stripes like that are often called butcher's stripes, in reference to the kind of striped apron English butchers once wore. However, the colors are usually bolder than what you're wearing, so I'm not sure.

Patrick said...

A most timely post for this shoulder season. Nice look head to toe. I think Young Fogey is correct about the butcher's stripe.

EastVillageTrad said...

I really like the plain grey sweater/sweatshirt look, I do it myself throughout the fall/winter...

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Yup, butcher's stripe. Splendid socks. Going to miss the bucks the next 80ºF day though.