12 October 2009

Remember Me?

Home computer's been off-line for a few days. Meanwhile, I acquired and or passed over some truly outrageous bits of gentlemen' s finery. We have a lot to talk about....

Be back soon.


Young Fogey said...

We're looking forward to seeing what you got!

You, my friend, are a pernicious influence. I got the American-made Pendleton Blackwatch suit--it still had the original card explaining the history of the pattern in one of the pockets!

No way I'll ever wear it as a suit, or even the pants (which have jeans-style pockets)--so I'm gonna get the pants made into a vest.


C said...

Good to hear from you buddy. Hope the computer issues get worked out.

Looking forward to seeing your scores.

edward said...

great blog, fantastic read. i'm in the north of england thrifting my way to a better wardrobe. you're an inspiration.

James said...

Mr G
I love your blog, I have been a thrift shopper for years. The thrill of the find is a lot of the pleasure. Also getting a Jos A Banks great coat for $7.99 is hoot too.

Anonymous said...

Be back soon!