31 October 2009

The (not so) White Bucks...for Real

I've talked before about my theory that dirty white bucks are the ultimate Fall, not Summer, shoe. And I've gone on and on about how I wish my own pair would get dirty and worn so that they may find their way into the everyday rotation. But truth be told, I had yet to actually take the plunge. Tonight , Ole Ma Nature took matters into her own hands, as she is wont to do.

I wore the white bucks today, in something of an Indian Summer in New England. 70 degrees, and sweaty humid, with jeans to keep it casual. Just as I was about to leave my job at the local wine shop, she sees fit to open the skies. Fifteen minutes in the rain and mud did these shoes, in my humble opinion, a world of good. I love them this way...the more destroyed, the better. In the Summer with seersucker, white bucks are too dorky, even for me. But beat-to-sh*t and out of season with tweed in the Fall...unmistakeably bad-ass. Of course, this is only my humble opinion, though I hold firm that this will be quite the "look" in New York next fall...mark my words, friends.

I didn't mind the misty weather, though. You see, I had carried around this Harris Tweed jacket all afternoon. Then at night it got cold and damp. With the lapels flipped up, this jacket kept me warm and dry...but the musty smell of wet wool leaves a bit to be desired.

I'm tellin' you...tweed and white bucks are a combo to be reckoned with, boys.


ScottyAlexander said...

Well done, G. Well done indeed.

Young Fogey said...

I actually kind of like the smell of slightly-damp wool, the way good stuff smells after a light drizzle. If it's musty, it probably needs cleaning.

"...with seersucker, white bucks are too dorky, even for me."

This from the man who actually wants to wear the Black Watch suit?!? ;-)

P.S.: Scored a 50% camel/50% wool jacket today. Light gray, soft as a baby's behind, and needing just a little lengthening of the sleeves. I found a $20 bill (!) and, before it could burn a hole in my pocket, I turned it into the latest entry in The Fogey Collection.

ADG said...

Good on you my man! I can't pull that one off and I do some crazy shit. Maybe if I get mine real dirty.



good on you

Tord said...

Agreed. My white saddle bucks are shot to shit. And I love it.