12 February 2010

Gone Shootin'...

...not really. I mostly find the very existence of guns to be quite abhorrent. However, I must admit a taste for the clothing that has evolved from the various forms of proficiency with firearms. Were it not for the military, we'd be bereft of such basics as khakis and navy blazers. Were it not for sport shooting, we'd have no Barbour, and a lot of the classic details of tweed as we know it might not exist either. Nor would cavalry twill:

Today I found my very first pair. Super heavy weight, absolutely bullet proof. Can't wait to run 'em out on the streets with a flannel blazer, or that thick tweed from Andover's.

From the (once?) venerable Brothers. I know, that damned cursive label is pretty well a sign of Brooks Brothers on the down slope of the hill, but these pants are pretty solid. Made in Canada...could be worse, right? Besides, they were only $6.99.

They should go quite well with this vintage 1960's three inch repp tie,

from the Andover Shop, complete with original $5.00 price tag. Fifty years later, similar neck wear is selling at the very same shop for about 16 times as much.

And speaking of the Andover Shop, you can by a Scottish patch tweed scarf not unlike the one I fashioned myself, for a mere $275...but check out that carry on bag...un-heard-of! Now that's the kind of thing I'd be likely in my twisted sense of priorities to actually spend serious scratch on.

And speaking of Scottish tweed, see the glory that is the Harris Tweed Shop. As I sit and write this, I'm trying to convince myself that I really need a made to measure tweed shooting suit. Oh, cripes, I think I'm rambling...


The Top Shelf Flea (as it shall be known until a more clever name presents itself, any ideas?) is still open to prospective participants. Tell your friends, and plan on the second Sunday in May.


The Sluice Box said...

I'll never be a member of the NRA, but I'll sure sing the praises of a handsome gun club check.

Young Fogey said...

Wow--that patch carry-on bag is... well, again, I will refrain from saying anything unkind, and leave it at that. (Don't you think you could make one yourself?)

I guess you never did any gun safety or shooting in Boy Scouts, did you?

Nice tie, though, and great find on the pants.

P.S.: I'm liking the switch to the new color scheme.

P.P.S.: You sure that houndstooth jacket fits? ;-)

Main Line Sportsman said...

And what is it that you find abhorrent about guns?

TRVS said...

Great finds. . .@ TSF (great name) did you realize that's Mothers Day? May affect attendance . . .

Giuseppe said...


Oops, maybe the first or third weekend then.


Guns make it really easy for some people to kill other people. I know, there's hunting too, I'm just not a fan.

Besides, if you're going to kill someone, you oght to have to get right up in there face to do it. Standing back ten feet is kind of lame.

Sean said...

If you really want a made to measure twee suit, visit tweed-jacket.com

I have a pair of Monro tweed trousers from them. Yowza! Seattle's winters are too mild for the heavyweight tweed, but you could go to Tibet in that stuff.

Giuseppe said...


I stand corrected. That site is out of control.

Young Fogey said...

Well, not to go too far off topic, but you brought it up...

If someone has a gun and wants to kill you, and you don't have a gun, who wins?

On the other hand, if a Bad Guy thinks that a citizen might be armed, he tends to think twice before committing a crime.

This simple logic explains why the legal gun-free zones of DC and Chicago are two of the most dangerous cities in America. It also explains why in all the states where "shall-issue" concealed carry laws have been passed, crime rates have gone down since passage. ("Shall-issue" states are those where if a resident of the state meets certain requirements, the state shall (i.e., will) issue a concealed carry permit, as opposed to "may-issue" states, where issuance is at the fiat of the authorities.)

You can read about it here.

Now, I agree with your sentiment about the horror of murder, and it's precisely because I don't want to be murdered that I choose to protect my family. It's my responsibility as husband and father.

And that's my 2¢.

Boatshoe said...

I wear my BB cavalry twills when I go shooting. (I sometimes wear my Barbour jacket too, but feel a little silly as I am at a shooting range and not hunting.)

Giuseppe said...

Just think how much safer we'd be if the damn things weren't around at all.

My problem with guns is that they are solely destructive, no matter how you frame it. I just can't get with that.

--2 more cents.

Young Fogey said...

I see your point, and respect it. On the other hand, guns are tools. Hammers are tools. It depends on how you use them.

Yes, guns are designed for destruction, but can be used for recreation. Target shooting, biathlon, skeet shooting and the like are all recreational shooting, and can be a lot of fun (though I've never tried biathlon).

Also, there's a lot to be said for hunting. It's a way to get in touch with nature, believe it or not. What's more, there's pride in being able to provide your family with meals by the dint of your own labor, not to mention being more in touch with what is actually involved in getting meat on the table.

Oh, and there's plenty of crime, including murder, even without guns around. The crime rates in European countries are a testament to that.

I hate to quote Commies, but sometimes, even a Commie can be right. The mass murderer Mao said that power flows from the barrel of a gun. That's why totalitarian regimes always ban private ownership of guns: they don't want anyone challenging their authority. And that's why we have the Second Amendment.

Yet two more cents. Pretty soon we'll have enough change to be able to buy a cup of coffee!

Thad said...

Thanks for your random comment on tweed ... it got me looking at a couple of suits that I wouldn't mind having in my closet.


Young Fogey said...


That Hunting Macleod is a wee loud for my tastes, but the Buie Tweed is very much like something the Duke of Windsor wore, though the suit pictured is almost a pink shade of brown.

Ah, for a nice country tweed suit....

Unknown said...

Nice AC/DC reference!