13 August 2010

Sucker Punch

I nearly had an opportunity to trot out the silken formal gear this evening, but alas, no dice. One of these days, I swear.Believe it or not, I had no black socks. I went out to get some, but I got sucker-punched:

I've done a pretty damn good job of avoiding the skull and bones thing these last few years. But really, don't you think these hose would be juts the right punch on a midnight blue tux?

Maybe my will was broken by spending a sunny afternoon with the children in a place like this:
by the sea, with cannon, and drippy granite tunnels.

'Cept we visited this place after I bought the socks. Dammit!

I guess I'l just have to blame it on the influence of too much Spongebob Squarepants.


Unknown said...

I am a big fan of the skull and bones motif, especially on more discreet items such as those wonderful socks! Great purchase!

Shame you didn't get to rock the formal gear!

Toad said...

Now that you realize your lapse in judgement, you still have time to make amends.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Those hose are dope yo.

Keohane said...

I'll cop to it: I almost bought those same socks earlier this week. It's a shame the skull and bones thing is so trendy and, I'd argue, grossly overused. Employed in moderation, they can be a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Not the midnight blue tux fallacy again - Planet Vulagria with brown shoes and a red bow tie; Tins has a lot to answer for.


David V said...

I've actually been there!

Young Fogey said...

Return the socks.

If you've already taken them out of their packaging, donate them as new (full-price tax write-off).

I can think of only two times when skull-and-bones things are appropriate: pirate-themed stuff (parties, costumes, International Talk Like A Priate Day, etc.); and if you are a member of a certain club at Yale (and I imagine the latter don't actually wear S&B-themed things, though I could be wrong). Otherwise, they are grossly inappropriate for a gentleman to wear (but OK--sometimes--for children).


Besides black, the only acceptable color for a tuxedo is midnight blue. What fallacy are you talking about?