27 December 2010


I knew there was a good reason to save that crummy old hat. People who complain about a blizzard should go out and build a snowman.

p.s. Seems our man Heavy Tweed Jacket is back on the scene, and has been for a month. Guess I missed that memo, but good to have him back. He's a good read.

p.p.s. more cheap clothing related nonsense coming soon...promise.


Old School said...

Consider yourself fortunate. People in warmer climes have to make do with plastic snowmen, which are even more of an abomination than plastic Christmas trees.

Young Fogey said...

Blizzard? It must be Global Warming™.

Crummy old hats are good for kids playing dress-up, and for their Halloween costumes as well.

Luke said...

Best looking (and best dressed) snowman I think I've seen...ever.

Jauregui said...

Awesome snowman! My family and I only get to build them when we head out to our cabin in Lake Tahoe.

Not a whole lot of snow here in Sacramento.

Daniel Thomas Short III said...

I've been following your blog for a couple of years now, and thought I would finally say hello. So, hello from Cincinnati.

I love the snowman!

Here's the snowman I built a couple of weeks ago. I believe you and I are kindred spirits. My Snowman.

Keep up the good work.

Jason Wednesday Miller said...

You might want to consider getting that hat re-blocked and restored. Fine fur hats like that Dobbs can be re-block many many times. The leather and the ribbon can all be easily replaced. Check with your local or nearest hatter for your options. A good hatter will know where to send that hat. If you would like more info contact me, I'm a hatter if you couldn't guess!

Unknown said...

You can't buy hats of that quality anymore. Get it refurbished.