22 February 2011

Pendleton Patches

We talk about keeping cool, we talk about keeping warm. Such is the mania that is the "shoulder season".

Today, it's about keeping warm:
This glorious patchwork quilt currently adorns our bed. Handmade a long time ago by someones grandmother (I like to think). Found by Mrs. G at a local thrift, for cheap. I suspect it's all vintage Pendleton fabric. Vintage because it's backed in very old sharkskin gabardine (stupid cool), Pendleton because I recognize many of the patterns. I had a bathrobe in one of those plaids, a shirt in the bright red, and a few of the other plaids, and I've seen many of the others out there.

Few things are as warm to sleep beneath as three dozen real Pendleton shirts.


Tord said...

I have a similar one that my mother made out of swatch books from the local Jos. A. Bank!

Jho78 said...

Amazing find. Have you seen this one?

Thad said...

I sleep under a jean quilt made by my paternal grandmother every night (and have slept under it for nearly the last 15 years)! Remarkably heavy and durable ... plus it is really easy to patch!