09 February 2011

Quotable Quotes

I've never been one to "re-blog", but today I find I can't help it.

This kid Barima really knows what he's talking about. That's why, when discussing revoutionary British Saville Row rock 'n roll tailor Tommy Nutter, as seen here:
he comes up with this shining gem:

  The sobriety of thought and craft that went into this gleefully insensible ensemble makes an interesting counterpoint to the visual histrionics of Luca Rubinacci, Lapo Elkann and the Pitti crowd, who often strike me as throwing stuff against the wall to see if it sprezzes.

"See if it sprezzes"?!?! I love this kid.


The Skinny Guinea said...

...pronounced 'sprehts-zehs',,,

Anonymous said...

I agree great article. It would be good to hear more about Master tailor Edward Sexton, Joe and Roy are doing since Tommy Nutter died?

ADG said...

Strong. Wish I'd a said it!

Zach said...

Sprezz is dead. The internet killed it. The closest thing I can think of as true sprezzatura is wearing a buttondown collar unbuttoned. Wearing a watch over a sleeve cuff looks stupid regardless of which Italian industrial oligarch did it. And nobody just casually throws on a bowtie with jeans and looks like they haven't given it a hell of a lot of forethought.

I saw Lapo Elkann once in Manhattan. He looked like date-rapey club trash.

Tommy Nutter's tailoring is about precision, calculated craziness, and most of all, intent. I'll take intentional batshit over lackluster nonchalance any day.