10 June 2011

Getting High on My Own Supply

In the comments to the last post, spectator shoes were mentioned. This Summer I have a pair, but shoes like this are best used sparingly. While it's true that the best spectator shoes are of the wing tipped variety, I find that casual loafers are far more easily wearable. While wing tip spectators do look good, they tend to come off as 1930s fetish/costume, whereas loafers are a bit less dated.
Here's an unusual pair. Split toed, brown leather and tan mesh, with a stretch gusset across the top. Really well made, a pair of "Freeman's Fashion Built" shoes. Homework tells me little about Freeman's shoes, other than that they were made in USA, and they faded into the distance in the early '90s. A perfect cinch with grey tropical worsted trousers, tan socks, and a white tennis shirt.

Extreme belt and shoe matching is accomplished with this braided cotton tan surcingle belt.

Both shoes and belt were purchased for resale at the last Top Shelf Flea, but I got hooked and I couldn't let them go. They fit me, and they were irresistible.  It couldn't be helped. Such are the dangers of a life in second hand haberdashery.

Frank Lopez told Tony Montana through his girl Elvira that a big rule of being a successful pusher is "Don't get high on your own supply".

Rules, however, are fairly meaningless if you don't break them occasionally.


davidsl said...

The same man who put together the tan poplin suit outfit is claiming spectators are too costume/fetish? LOL.

I think my line for costume is a little closer in than yours! But I don't have a problem with costumes. Where I live, (SF Bay Area) pretty much everybody is in some kind of costume or another. It's just that some are more extreme than others.

And, if you are wearing the spectators with khaki's and a sport shirt, on a hot afternoon, they are just enough to make a dull outfit interesting without falling over into costume. Yeah?

Giuseppe said...

Right. In this case, medium grey tropical worsted trousers, white tennis shirt and a pale blue Summer jacket. Just a little kick.

Unashamedly Crap said...

'But the pusher is a monster,
Not a natural man......'

Giuseppe said...

I'm not drug dealer, you know.

Sense of humor, please.

Unashamedly Crap said...


'God damn, God damn the pusher man'

P.S. You could get really good US made OCBDs from M&S in England when they owned Brooks Brothers in the 1980s, so it wasn't a total Crocker Bank style disaster.

Scale Worm said...

Nice post sir, as usual!
One in your line of hunting is apt to fall for a treat or two, no harm in that. Enjoy your weekend!

Mason said...

Rule #4, I know you've heard this before...

1930s style is seriously underrated, I give it a big thumbs up.

Jho78 said...

Careful, remember how Tony ended up. Are there any fountains in your house?

Giuseppe said...

No fountains. But I am thinking of having a hot tub installed in my bedroom floor, and the kids have been pestering me for a pet tiger.

Anonymous said...

Freeman shoes were very popular in the 80s, especially in the south. With their "Free-Flex" last, they offered a more comfortable alternative to Bostonian and Florsheim.

ADG said...

"You could get really good US made OCBDs from M&S in England when they owned Brooks Brothers in the 1980s, so it wasn't a total Crocker Bank style disaster."

All a matter of what side of the pond you were on. The M&S ownership was indeed a Goat Rodeo.

Unbelievably Rubbish said...

Goat Rodeo! You Americans... I don't believe we're allowed to do that sort of thing here, other than in Spain, of course.

With M&S and Brooks Brothers, I suppose it depends on whether you were a shareholder or a customer and if a customer, in the US or the UK.

Young Fogey said...

"Rules, however, are fairly meaningless if you don't break them occasionally."

I'd say it depends on the rule. Moral rules like the Ten Commandments are probably better observed than not.

Sartorial rules, on the other hand... well, yeah. But you gotta know which ones are bendable, which are breakable, and which are inviolate.

Not to mention personal preference.

Tough stuff!