20 August 2011

Back in Town

After a wonderful week spent on the coast in Maine, Mrs. G, the Boy, the Girl and I are back in town. Never one to miss an opportunity, I did of course visit a couple of the local thrift shops. Cheapskatery, you see, never takes a vacation.
Not surprisingly, every other piece of clothing I handled originated from L.L.Bean. A lot of it was nondescript new stuff made overseas, but I did find dome choice old pieces. Old Leon Leonwood still has quite a presence "Downeast".

Nothing like a good vacation to refresh the mind. Still, it's good to be home. Regularly scheduled yammering will resume on Monday. My take from the honey holes will be up for sale soon, as well.


tintin said...

I just saw this image on another blog without any mention of you.

This seems to be increasing with popularity as two bit punks (A long weekend of Turner Classic Movies - my favorite '30s description) show their true character and convince me that when you give a kid a trophy in sports for just showing up, you're creating an insipid, entitled, ungrateful little dick head who can't even part his hair.

NCJack said...

If by the bye, old man, you might come across some larger-ish haberdashery in your peregrinations, do keep us more insulated chaps in mind. After all, we're doing our part to prevent the caloric hordes from overrunning the old demesne, don'cha know.