25 August 2011

The Fade

As we roll into late August and the inevitable Fall looms large, my wardrobe slowly experiences the end of Summer fade. True, the temps may still be hot and the humidity high, but it's time for brightly colored slacks in kelly green, Nantucket red, and all manner of patchwork to silently retire, along with the attendant bare ankles.
Crisp khakis, brown tassels and grey socks make a simple but striking combination. Paired with anything in navy or white above the waist, they provide a comfortable form of transition, a perfect bridge between Summer and Fall. They'll keep going with grey tweed all the way into November.

p.s. I got the suit. It's not all good. More soon when I collect my thoughts and find a way to put it tactfully.

p.p.s. New stuff in the shop. Last chance for seersucker.

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Anonymous said...

Did I miss the Summer attire?
Not many posts this time ...