29 May 2012

Getting High on My Own Supply

Sorting through the unsold goods from the Top Shelf Flea, I ran across this somehow forgotten gem:
A nice looking tan jacket, featuring the perfect hybrid of Anglo and Northeast Traditional elements: natural shoulders and a high lapel gorge with a two button darted front; precise tailoring with just the right amount of laid back, East Coast American slouch...
All of it rendered in beautiful silk shantung herringbone. It's a little dingy, but nothing a good dry cleaning can't freshen up...

From the venerable old Chipp of New York and New Haven. It may seem at times that being up in Boston the thrift shops are awash in J. Press, Brooks Brothers and Andover Shop goods, but a fine piece from Chipp is always a rare and special treat. Fits like a glove...don't know why I ever tried to sell it,good thing nobody bought it from me.

p.s. the Shop has been fully revamped with new items for warm weather. Check it out. I promise that the next post will contain absolutely no shameless commercialism ...I hope.


Roger v.d. Velde said...

Very nice. Would make a great light-coloured evening jacket for when the the summer starts to cool off.

You shouldn't apologise for mentioning the shop, if it helps pay the bills. It's not like it's aggressive sales or anything, or hiked-up silly prices like some people!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Veld! Don't appologize for self-promotion! You have a talent for style and it shows! I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I have cultivated a style that I thought I could not achieve.

I was a poor kid and my parents didn't have much money and I really admired the "Ivy" look but could not afford it. As an adult, I am more affluent, well-educated, and employed in a well-paying job but I am frugal due to past circumstances, and I really enjoy the thrill of "treasure hunting" at the thrift store!

I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from you and how much I respect what you do! I have become a better dresser because of you and I feel that the money I have spent at thrift stores, Goodwill's and the Salvation Army, have all gone for a good cause and have been beneficial for the environment!

Please continue to do what you do!
Please also consider this idea: I t would be great for readers to post "great finds" once in awhile!