30 June 2012

Give 'Em Enough Rope

The rope soled espadrilles I ordered have arrived, and I have to admit, I love 'em. They are certainly a new Summer favorite:
I'd like to go on a rant telling Toms to go to hell, but I suppose I should thank them for even putting the idea in my mind that a proper espadrille may in fact be a necessity for the well dressed man in Summer.

The real thing, made in Spain, in the village of La Rioja according to the website.

They came in an envelope, not even one week after I ordered them. No right or left, just two identical shoes. After only two wears, though, my feet are already making impressions in the jute soles. So comfortable. First wearing was for an afternoon at the playground, second was with shorts and an un-ironed oxfrod sans shower to a yard sale this morning. I know I rail against slovenly dress and things like flip flops and shorts all the time, so spare me the argument. I am not, despite what you may think, anti-comfort. I am opposed to grown men being dressed in a selfishly sloppy way at all times for all ocassions. I will further admit that some ocassions call for comfortable, languid Summer dress, and for those times, espadrilles like these are just the trick, and have been for some time.
If you don't believe me, take a look at this image heisted from Heavy Tweed Jacket. It's from High Holy Brooks Brothers, in the High Holy Year of Our Preppy Lord 1982. Not only does it feature rope sole espadrilles, but also poly/cotton shorts and a damn hoodie. I rest my case.

Lest you think I've given up the ghost and gone full blast casual, know that later in the same day I wore a vintage Brooks Brothers white oxfrod with unlined collar, Brooks Brother blue oxford pants, a yellow cotton striped knit tie, vintage 1980s from Lands' End Charter Club, and the infamous gossamer jacket that has been getting perhaps too much time in the rotation. Damn thing is comfortable, what can I say? Different clothes for different circumstances.

Don't romanticize the past, and don't tie yourself up in imaginary rules. The old guys we all revere knew how to look good in a suit and in shorts. The real trick lies not so much in knowing all the little details as it does in knowing when to employ them.

p.s. give 'em enough rope:


C.L. Young said...

Just saw your espadrilles! They look very nice. After hundreds of years, same style, same design...can't be wrong, right?! Europeans know how to leave well enough alone, in most cases.

That's the thing, when something is already great, let it be and let it stand on its own. That's how I feel about espadrilles. I am planning to get a pair of navy and white ones and a pair of indigo colored ones.

To the naysayers, if you wear "go to hell" pants, why not sport espadrilles?(not necessarilly at the same time, though). After all, they are "go to hell shoes" if the likes of Pablo Picasso wore them.

If you have the confidence to wear "critter" pants, shorts, and yellow pants (just to name a few), then espadrilles shouldn't be much of an argument. But that's how I see things.

TRVS said...

I've worn them for years (as in 25+) and my latest pair is silver...great apres beach cocktail footwear. LOVE them on guys...hoping it catches on here in flip-flop-USA.

randall said...

"Spanish Bombs" would have been a good choice too.

Iggy Pop took a pot shot at The Clash in this Sunday's New York Times magazine. What is the world coming to?

Christopher Redgate said...

Those really are some nice, simple, sharp looking shoes. I bet they are really comfortable as well. Might have to get some for myself and wear them around before they become the "next big thing," what with this celebrity endorsement and all! Right now I'm wearing shorts, and un-ironed Land's End oxford, (made in the US of A, thrifted,) and a pair of Sioux Mox moccassins that I copped at Bobby's for cheap. Sans socks. Carry on, Captain, and enjoy the nice weather!

Anonymous said...

I was watching "Return of the Pink Panther" last night and Clouseau was wearing some espadrilles. And to think I had not heard of them before your post!

Matt said...

do the espadrilles fit true to size?

Anonymous said...

A little caveat:

DO NOT ALLOW your espardenyes to get wet. If they do, just throw them away. With force.

When esparto gets wet, it rots and stinks, and nothing can be done to avoid it. That's one of the reasons of the low price of espardenyes :-D

Best from Spain

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous again :-D

Almost forty bucks for a pair of espardenyes?

Check http://www.alpargatasonline.es/index.php - classic models usually cost about 6-8 dollars, and shipping can't be so expensive