26 January 2013

Thrifty Kids, part 3

Few things ward off a bone chilling cold like a big comfy sweater and soft cords. The boy shows us how its done.
The red flannel shirt was a Christmas gift from a family friend, and he loves it. It makes me smile to see my kids developing a real taste in clothing. The sweater is knitted of oatmeal colored wool with brightly colored flecks throughout. Once again, the boy has something better than his Dad's version.
I'm not a fan of the look of an untucked shirt hanging out below the sweater on a grown man, but it's just the thing on a six year old boy.
Classic bucks, recently found for $2.99 at a thrift shop.
The sweater is the real deal, made in Ireland. Found by Mrs. G for less than $10. If I had to pay retail for such a thing, my boy wouldn't have one. But it's no matter. Like I said, penury is not an excuse.

p.s. Thanks to all of you who have been purchasing items in the sale. I've added new items to the Shop and decided to extend the sale through midnight Tuesday. As before, the code WINTERSALE used at checkout will apply a 20% discount to you entire purchase.


Jho78 said...

Out of the park. An ispiration for my own boys.

Anonymous said...

Well played, young fella! The Bucks are a nice touch...really adds to the preppy 70s vibe.

Gordo said...

Well, as always the G's have it. How is he with stains?

Gordo said...

The family G has it down!! Congratulations to dad and mom! Part of aging is seeing the youngsters have better things. Now that I wrote it, that may be the worse aspect, other than meeting new MD's in unpleasant specialties.

JKG said...

I know you've probably considered this already, but I think there'll come a time when these taught/inherited preferences are cast aside for something more peer-driven.

I've no doubt they'll be revived/ on the other side of youth/ just insulate your psyche/ ever so lightly/ for a brief and rebellious departure from suits.

(The doggerel arrived by itself. I went back and added the breaks -- probably should have just erased but whatever. We're all friends here.)